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Schools reach out to Japanese children: Scarsdale Inquirer, May 3, 1991

To the Editor:
I am writing to correct any misimpression created by an incomplete quote used out of context by David Handelman in his article 'The Japanning of Scarsdale," which appeared in the April 29 edition of New York magazine.

In his article, Mr. Handelman singles out Scarsdale from all the other well to do school districts in the New York Metropolitan area. In reality, however, the percentage of Japanese children in other communities clearly indicate this is not an issue of one particular school district, and thus focusing on Scarsdale with such negativity is not only unfair to the community but deviates from the real issue.

As to Scarsdale, 1 know through the years of active participation in the PTA, how hard the schools and the community are trying to reach out to the Japanese families. Being Japanese myself, I also know how grateful the Japanese parents feel to their newly adopted community and in turn, how they, too, are trying to respond to the hands extended to them. It is unfortunate that Mr. Handelman did not to see so many positive aspects.

Mr. Haridelman's article, however unfair to Scarsdale, seems to indicate that there is only so much that the schools and the community can do for the growing numbers of Japanese families even if they try hard.  I think this is an issue that the Japanese government or the companies who send their families have to get involved in someway. For this, I once again express my hope that they will take a more active interest in the well being of their families overseas.

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